This seems like the perfect day to tell you about something I'm thankful for. It's nothing big, nothing connected with me, my family, or my friends. But it can get even me a little weepy when I think about it.

I am very thankful that there are people who adopt animals from shelters, or take on caring for animals whose original owners can no longer care for them. In a world where people like that exist, I am extremely thankful for people who adopt ill animals, or animals who suffer from birth defects. Like the anonymous family that adopted Oskar, a cat born without eyeballs. It sounds terribly sad. But with the help of some thoughtful people, a cat can have a good time. Check out this video, recorded the day after Oskar came to his home:

[Mick12321kciM, via YouTube]

You can find more videos featuring Oskar on YouTube. Try watching 'em without tearing up a little. I know I can't.