So how many national media outlets covered YOUR prom?

It was a big night for South Buffalo's Jessica Casanova.  Back in January, the Charter School for Applied Technologies senior tweeted at "Jane The Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez, saying she'd love to wear Gina's Golden Globes dress to her prom.

Much to her surprise, Gina said YES!

Last night was the big night, and Jessica looked STUNNING!  I can only imagine how much pressure she must've felt (it was bad enough for me with my grandma holding a DiscCam and my parents with the Poloroid!) when every media outlet in Buffalo was pointing cameras at her. She was the cover of the Buffalo News today, and E! Entertainment was there too!  (They're supposed to run a piece on it tonight at 7 p.m.)

My next door neighbor's friend's son is Jessica's date (Nathan Cohen) and she shared these pics with me last night...