Yesterday, July 4th marked our nations birthday, today marks the 74th anniversary of SPAM. It was introduced July 5, 1937.

No, I am not referring to that unwanted e-mail, I am talking about the Hormel luncheon meat product. Apparently, word is Hormel decided to handle the use of the name "spam" when it was first used on the Internet with dignity and graciousness.

Hormel said they knew folks would know the difference between a good meat product and a not so good e-mail. They simply asked that when referring to their product that you use only upper-case letter (SPAM) and only use lower-case letters for the other (spam). Ah yes, the stuff you learn here.

Well here is to the next 74 years for SPAM! Of course if you e-mail this story to anyone just be careful it doesn't wind up in thier "spam" file.

Personally, I like SPAM. Sometimes folks kid about the product. I say if you haven't tried it, then don't knock it!