Here's a question: if you had fifteen million dollars burning a hole in your wallet, which of these three options would you spend it on? Three million copies of the Million Dollar Baby DVD? Seven-hundred fifty thousand copies of the Million Dollar Password digital game [featuring Regis Philbin]? Or hiring Britney Spears to help judge your TV singing competition?

Simon Cowell, apparently, is choosing option #3. According to web site The Wrap, Cowell will pay Spears $15M to become a judge on his The X Factor program [we don't know what judge L.A. Reid gets. But if it's not at least $15M, his price has probably gone up].

Britney started campaigning for the job back in February, after Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were cut loose after a less-than-successful first season for Cowell's competition series. Spears reportedly wanted $20M to join the show, while Cowell offered $10M. The final package gives Britney $13M to judge the contestants, with a $2M bonus for an occasional performance on the show [$2M just to sing a couple of times? Seems more than a little pricey to me].

The Wrap says the deal isn't final yet, because Spears' father, appointed conservator of her finances after her meltdown a few years back, hasn't yet given his approval. But concidering the going rate to be a TV singing judge, it's an excellent deal. Christina Aguilara reputedly makes around $10M to serve on The Voice, while Abdul made a measly $2.5M for her stint on 'X Factor'.

Both sides are staying silent about the report.