George Lucas has always said that his original plan was to make nine movies to tell the complete Star Wars saga. He made Episodes IV - VI first, then went back for the first three installments. Now it looks like the series will finally get finished, with the help of a powerful new ally..

The Walt Disney Company announced yesterday that it had dropped a cool $4.05 Billion [and yes, that is "billion"] for LucasFilms, the movie company that brought us, among other classics, the "Indiana Jones" series, the two American Graffiti films and, yes, Star Wars Episodes I - VI.

Lucas sat down yesterday to discuss the sale, as well as plans for the "Star Wars" series:

Now, not to go all Death Star on you, but this may not play out the way we just saw. First of all, Disney now owns the Star Wars saga, characters and all. No matter how much Lucas thinks the last three movies will come out the way he planned them, there's no guarantee of that. Disney will do whatever it thinks best to make maximum profit from its four-billion dollar investment. And what if Lucas doesn't like the Disney version of his ideas? He's spent millions [probably billions] re-doing bits and pieces of the movies because he wasn't fully satisfied with the originals. If he wasn't happy with his versions of his stories, what makes anybody think he'd be pleased with someone else's?

Don't get me wrong; I think Disney will do as good a job with the Lucas classics [quick question: who'll play Indy in the remakes of the "Indiana Jones" series? You know it's just a matter of time...] as anybody. But when it already owns the Muppets, the Marvel superheroes, and now LucasFilms, as well as a vaultful of its own classic characters, can it put enough effort into keeping that big an empire under control?

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