It's been a few years now since George Lucas completed the sixth [actually the third of six] movie in the Star Wars saga.  But even though the movies are completed [except for 3-D re-releases and technology-improvement driven "re-issues"], there's still "Star Wars" news out there, if you know where to look.

Stop 1 is Allentown, Pa [yes, the steel mill town that Billy Joel wrote that song about all those years ago. But the piano man has nothing to do with this story]. Specifically Parkland High School. It's a nice enough school. But "Star Wars" fans, seeing the school from above, noticed something very curious:

Yes, the school is shaped like the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's cruiser in the space opera series. It's been open since 1999 and, despite more than a few questions, no one is ready to admit why the school looks that way. School officials say it's just an incredible coincidence. Yeah, right...

We'll move along now to Germany, and a very unique Lego tribute item. It's a giant hand-cranked organ that plays the Star Wars theme. Even more amazing, the raised "pegs" that operate the organ are actual Lego re-creations of key scenes from the movies. Don't believe me? Here's the proof:

Until I next report, may the..well, you know...

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