They're calling it "Starbucks Cup Magic." The new app due out this week will bring your coffee cup to life with animated holiday characters.

The Starbucks Cup Magic App will be available beginning Tuesday for iPhone and Android users in the U.S.  You can use the app to discover five holiday characters on red cups, Christmas blend bags and more.  Watch as an ice skater, a squirrel, a boy and a dog sledding and a fox come to life. You 'll be able to interact with the characters. (For example, if you tap the boy on the sled he does a somersault.)

If you're one of those "Ba Humbug Types" and you're wondering why bother?  reports it could be worth your while to activate all five characters. Those who do can qualify to win a prize which has yet to be named.

The app also includes traditional and social sharing capabilities.  The idea, Starbucks officials say is to "surprise and delight" customers during the holiday season!