How can you make sure your car starts in single digit temps or below? 

Wow was it cold this morning.  I bundled the kids up and sent them on their way.  The one thing that was on my mind, since it hasn't been this cold in some time, was my car going to start?

I went outside to warm it up and I was saying to myself "please start, please start".  It did, but it was a little harder then normal.

Here are some tips when starting your car in frigid weather:

1. Don't let it sit for too long without starting.  Might be a good idea to start it up right before you go to bed, so the battery gets a little extra juice and doesn't sit as long.

2. Press the gas petal a couple times while turning the ignition.  The extra gas might give your car the boost it needs.  (side note:  remember when we had to hold down the petal to start the car, before fuel injection?  Aw the old days)

3. Have your battery tested and replaced if needed.  Anything over 4 years might give you trouble.  On the same note, make sure your antifreeze is at proper level.

4. Turn off the radio, the heater fan, the heated seats, the windshield wipers and rear defroster — anything that draws power.  Then, turn the key to the position just before the one that starts the engine.


Good luck!