We've all seen these in our travels...the stick figure family decals. My boyfriend Brandon and I saw one this weekend that depicted a mom, a dad, TWO sets of twins (one boys, one girls), two babies, two dogs and a cat. We both thought, "MAN, those people must be BUSY!" (in a lot of ways...)

As it turns out, those cute little sharing images could be giving away a bit TOO much info, though...to criminals. At least, according to Search and Rescue Ohio.

I can remember playing softball as a kid, and we were no longer allowed to have our names on the back of our jerseys, as it made us easy prey to potential abductors ("Hey Laura...I know your dad...come with me"....).

But now, your large stick-figure display, coupled with stickers attributed to your kids' success at fill-in-the-blank school, your parking pass for where you work/live and other attributes may give criminals an edge on what your life is like.

What do you think? Overly paranoid? Good advice? Do you have stickers on your car? Does it make you worry?