I schedule all my annual doctor's appointments for February, so I don't forget each year.  It just so happens that most of my doctors are in the Amherst area.  And in my medical travels, I couldn't help but notice what bad shape lots of those roads are in around town!

Specifically, the Maple Road areas near Sweet Home (specifically, turning from Maple on to Sweet Home, the right hand turning lane looked more like the surface of the moon....).

UIG via Getty Images / Universal History Archive

As the saying goes, WNY has two seasons: winter and construction season. While the latter signifies a great growth in the Buffalo area, it seems some roads could use a little TLC after this milder-than-usual winter.

We're asking YOU to share pics of what you think are the worst potholes in the area, we'll start a collection and post yours.

Please email photos to laura@mix96buffalo.com or post on Facebook below this post, or tweet @mix96buffalo with #WNYPotholes  PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE EXACT LOCATION OF THE POTHOLE!

Watch for the gallery and locations soon!