Summer Fact or Fiction...which of these are real and which are 'old wives tales':

1. Don't swim on a full stomach FALSE Mom may have told you right after you eat, your muscles don’t work as well because your blood is busy breaking down food. According to the experts

“That doesn’t happen, but it makes sense that after eating a lot, you’re not going to be as comfortable exercising.” So whether you’ll swim laps after nibbling on a sandwich is up to you.

2. Some people attract mosquitos because they have "sweet blood" TRUE

According to Dr.Sandra Fryhofer, MD, a past president of the American College of Physicians and a clinical associate professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, People with type O blood seem more susceptible to mosquito landings because they emit an odor that mosquitoes like, says Dr. Fryhofer.

3. Air conditioning can make you sick. FALSE

“a chill doesn’t cause a cold,” says Dr. Fryhofer. “You have to be exposed to a virus to get a cold.” But she adds: “If the vent isn’t clean, it can expose you to mold that can worsen allergies.” She advises checking and changing your air conditioner vent every six months to get relief from allergy symptoms.

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