It's believe that the first icewine came from Germany, but Ontario has become a leader in icewine production.

Also called "liquid gold," icewine is a dessert wine made from grapes that were left to freeze naturally on the vine, then pressed while still frozen. It's very sweet and often flavored with tropical fruit like lychee or pineapple or fruits like apricots and peaches. Peace Bridge Duty Free carries VQA-regulated icewines from local vineyards like Inniskillen, Peller Estates and Pillitteri.

Icewine harvesting season is in the winter months, but it's great for a summer cocktail or as an addition to dessert. Icewine over ice cream or fresh berries? Yum! You could also add a splash to a glass of prosecco or sparkling wine, or make an icewine martini using this recipe.


1 oz. icewine
2 oz. premium vodka


Shake over ice, and garnish with frozen grapes.