We are no stranger to bubble machines in my house. With a 3 and 7 year-old in residence, we are the owners of many a bubble machine, wand assortment, and bubble shooters.

Likely because of the poor combination of soap and moving, mechanical parts -- these toys burn out quickly. That said, none of these toys are all that expensive, including the one we tried today -- the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado.

Coming in under $10 at most retailers, this Gazillion Bubbles Tornado works as promised, whipping up a storm of bubbles toward the ceiling, making for an awesome room full of bubbles in no time.

You'll need to have more bubbles on hand as the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado goes through soap pretty quickly. The included bottle will get you about 15 minutes of total bubble action.

As you can see, my kids give it their stamp of approval. Bubbles for everyone!

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