I always love to watch the Super Bowl!  My husband, Jerry, and son, Ryan, love the game.  My daughter, Jenna, likes the halftime show, and I am in it mostly for the commercials!  Companies work so hard to try to create the most memorable spots...  Of course, attaching your message to sports' biggest stage carries a hefty price tag.

The Super Bowl has always been a popular part of American culture, but the cost of advertising during the contest has seen a dramatic rise.  A 30-second spot on Sunday will go for about three-million-dollars, which is the same price as last year's game.  However, according to BNet.com, the dollar cost of a Super Bowl ad has increased by nearly seven-thousand-percent since the 1960s. 

While it's hard to measure exactly how much companies benefit from Super Bowl advertising, CNBC.com reports that Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Anheuser-Busch all experienced stock gains in the week following last year's big game.

As is the case every year, companies will once again be turning to celebrities to help them make an impression on viewers.  Rap superstar Eminem will be starring in a claymation ad for Lipton Brisk iced-tea, while pop star Justin Bieber and rocker Ozzy Osbourne have filmed a spot for Best Buy.  Other companies who have purchased air time for this weekend include Bridgestone Tires, General Motors, and Coca-Cola.  To watch super Bowl 45 and all the ads that accompany the game, tune in to Fox this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

Courtesy of Metro Source