Super Bowl food often includes pizza, wings, chips and dips, and so much more. Why not try something a little different this year? How about homemade calzones stuffed with meatballs and cheese or maybe peppers, onions, jalapenos and cheese? There are so many options!

We've been making calzones at home from everything and anything we can find in the fridge! It is seriously simple and unbelievably delicious!

All you really need is ready to bake dough, the kind that comes in the cylinder from Pillsbury or another brand. (We use the generic Tops brand, works just as well as Pillsbury.) You can go with the regular crust, or thin crust dough.

Oil your baking sheet, and spread the dough out.

Then fill it with whatever you like! (Precook meats like meatballs and chicken in the microwave when necessary.) Some suggestions:

* Pepperoni, Cheese and Sauce  * Ham and Cheese  * Meatballs, Cheese and Sauce  * Chicken Fingers (cut up into small pieces), Cheese and Sauce  * Veggies and Cheese. (We use frozen meatballs, fingers - cooked in the microwave first.  We also use shredded cheeses, any variety.)

Once you've provided the filling, simply fold the dough over the top of the calzone and bake as directed. Usually about 12-15 minutes works well at whatever temperature the directions on the dough say.

The end result a warm and tasty calzone, ready to be sliced up and devoured!