Since Action Comics #1 introduced them in 1938, one of the few truly long-lasting relationships in the media has been the love triangle featuring brash newspaper reporter Lois Lane, colleague Clark Kent, and his secret identity of Superman.

Well, forget about all that!

DC Comics, long-time publisher of the Superman series [as well as Batman, Green Lantern, and many others] has announced that, beginning next month, the comic books will feature stories that alter the Superman we've come to know and love. The changes will include making him younger, changing his familiar costume [at one point, he fights crime wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and work boots], and, most surprisingly, dropping his relationship with Lois (she still works at the Daily Planet, but not as a reporter. And, she's dating someone else at work!). 

As a long-time Superman fan [I used to watch him on "Commander Tom", for goodness' sakes!], I can see giving him a different style, letting his character develop anew [it worked for Batman - see Batman Begins and The Dark Knight]. But life without Lois? I just don't get it.