Located in Angola, N.Y., Cradle Beach Camp serves Western New York children with disabilities and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The camp offers a healthy environment of love and acceptance, as well as organized activities to promote socialization, self worth and decision-making skills.

Cradle Beach is important to me because it provides a life experience and a safe haven for children who are disabled or economically disadvantaged. Just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning should stop, and Cradle Beach provides the perfect environment for summer learning. Studies have shown that children who are economically disadvantaged fall behind during the summer months; time at Cradle Beach may prevent that from happening.

As any adult will tell you, summer camp is an experience you will never forget, and that’s especially true at Cradle Beach Camp. The children at Cradle Beach come from different and diverse backgrounds, but for 10 days, they have a place to go and just be kids, without any worries about violence or where their next meal is coming from. Ten days can change a child’s life.

We all want to see our children succeed. Cradle Beach is not reserved just for privileged children, but for all children.


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