When you say the word “Hospice,” most people think of care for someone dying from a terminal disease like cancer. But Hospice Buffalo is so much more.

Hospice is actually a way of living life to its fullest, even at the end. Hospice Buffalo provides medical care, emotional support, and spiritual guidance to individuals of all ages facing “life-limiting” illnesses - cancer, cardiac disease, neurological illness, AIDS, and other diseases that limit life expectancy to mere months - as well as to their loved ones. Hospice allows patients to receive the necessary care to live out their final days surrounded by family and friends in a familiar environment.

Think about it: if you were ill, how would you like to live the end of your life? Hospice makes its patients feel more comfortable and peaceful. Hospice can take you home again. Hospice helps you say goodbye.


Charitable and non-profit organizations are hurting, losing donations and government-provided funding due to the economy. The 96.1 Joy FM staff passed the hat around the office and each selected a charity we think deserves the $1,000 we have to give away. Cast your vote for your favorite charity between midnight on Monday, July 9, and midnight on Monday, July 23. Joe, Cheryl and Keith will announce the winner that morning on Buffalo's Morning Show.