At 7 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 2013, I breathed the biggest sigh of relief known to man. If you experienced a massive "WHEW!" around that time, it traveled from me to you all the way from Jamestown.

It was SO hard to keep this from you, as we spend every morning together, and I feel like we're friends! But I'd been planning a surprise 65th birthday/retirement party for my dad.  He worked his tail off for 40 years to make sure my brother and I had great educations and straight teeth...its the least I could've done.

But my dad is one of those guys who is IMPOSSIBLE to pull one over on. Being that I don't really know WHO my dad hangs out with, tracking down invitees and their numbers (most of them are in their 60s and most don't have Facebook!) made me feel like some kind of Magnum, P.I.!

Through a series of hoops, bells, whistles, and massive detective work, I assembled a team of his 20 closest friends and a few family members, changed my dress three times to stall enough for him NOT to be suspicious, and got him to the party for a TOTAL surprise.

Here are a few pictures. The older woman is my dad's mom...coolest 89-year-old independent woman you'll ever meet. The guy with the "Holy Sh*t I'm Old" hat on is the guest of honor, the bald guy is my brother, the blonde is his girlfriend, and the other me. :)

(PS -- If you ever need a Private Eye, turns out, I'm pretty good at it.)