Sometimes, love hurts.

A  Taco Bell employee from Ringgold, Georgia came on a bit too strongly when he allegedly handcuffed himself to a co-worker who'd rejected his romantic advances for weeks, according to a police report posted by The Smoking Gun.

For more than a month, Jason Dean's overtures went unrequitted  from his would-be sweetheart, identified only as Rebecca.  Rebecca, 18, even scheduled her work hours to deliberately avoid working with her would be paramour.

But on Monday, the 24-year-old decided to decided to take the matter into his own -- and her -- hands.

According to the incident report, "Rebecca states that as she was trying to get to her car Jason handcuffed himself to Rebecca's wrist. Jason did let Rebecca go after co-workers went over to where they were at after Rebecca had yelled for them."

As the bad date came to an abrupt end with Rebecca free, the suspect fled in a green Nissan. He was arrested at his home two days later by Dalton State College campus police.

Authorities detained Dean at the Catoosa County jail, where he was charged with false imprisonment and held on a $2,500 bond.

Love is in the air, no wait, its just the dumpster out back of your neighborhood taco joint.