Laura Daniels Takes a Music Video Quiz [VIDEO]
Since the dawn of time... or at least for as long as I have know her, I associate Laura Daniels with a few things. One of those things being her insane knowledge of music videos. Not just some videos... all music videos. If one exits Laura knows of it...
How a Drinking Fountain + Scrunchies Affected the 1988 Election
When I was in 8th grade, I ran for Vice President of Student Council.
I campaigned like a madwoman.  I hung hand-painted signs on lockers. I decorated hallways. I taped balloons to bathroom mirrors.  I teased my hair EXTRA high and ALWAYS coordinated my hair scrunchies to match my three lay…
FUNNY! Kids React To 80’s Toys
Remember the 80s?  Remember Teddy Ruxpin?  Enjoy this video where TODAY'S kids react to that talking bear from the decade of velcro, big hair and Members Only Jackets.