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Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Sofia’ [VIDEO]

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Daddy Dustin and I both agree -- when it comes to dogs, "the bigger the better".  This gal is just shy of being "My Little Pony", and despite not having a great last few months (she was found starving, abandoned …
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Georgia’ [VIDEO]
Once you meet her, you'll DEFINITELY have her on your mind.  'Georgia' is a sweet, velvety soft little girl is shy at first, but warms right up and just wants to be RIGHT by your side.  Meet Georgia at the Buffalo Animal Shelter today
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet Carlo [VIDEO]
After watching this video, you'll see why Carlo has become a "staff favorite" at the Buffalo Animal Shelter.  He literally...SMILES! :)  He's a happy-go-lucky goof ball with a silky smooth coat and kisses for days!
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Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Violet’ [VIDEO]
In all my dog-loving years, I've never seen a dog with this color....You've heard of the "bluish" tint in fur, but Violet has brown and black, UNDER her bluish tint, so she's almost "ashy" (ask your hairdresser, they'll understand)