Advice To Your 17-Year-Old Self
On Wednesday, Kobe Bryant released an open letter to his 17-year-old self.  He warned about many things...mainly, being careful about what he gave away to friends and family.
Retired at age 37, he said (to his younger self) that he should INVEST in the future of those he loved, but not to GIVE i…
Dating Advice for J-lo
When the news broke that J-lo was soon to be available again it was quite a shock. After watching her this year on American Idol I came to the conclusion
Why Don’t You Have A Man[VIDEO]
Have you ever wonder why Mr. big has not come knocking on your door? I know men have issues, he's shallow, a jerk blah blah blah. Maybe it's you.  According to an article in Ask Men there are five types of women men don't like. I don't know If I agree with this. Th…