All My Children

Goodbye All My Children
It's so hard to say goodbye to All My Children. All My Children has raised so many children. I grew up watching daytime television. I remember when we first brought a VCR. I was excited!!! I could now record my soaps and watch them as soon as I finished my homework. Susan Lucci  or Erica is a living…
‘All My Children’ Sets End Date
It’s the end of an era. Well, almost. confirmed Thursday that ABC’s long-running soap opera, ‘All My Children,’ will officially go off the air on Friday, Sept. 23. Among the stars returning to bid adieu are Josh Duhamel and Carol Burnett.
Hoover Pulls Ads From ABC After Soap Cancellations
It looks like vacuum maker Hoover is about to play dirty.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hoover plans to pull its ads from ABC following the network's decision to cancel two of its soap operas -- 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' -- last week.
VP of marketing Brian Kirkendall claims they …