allentown art festival

The 58th Annual Allentown Art Festival Is in the Books [VIDEO]
The 58th annual Allentown Art Festival took place in the Allentown Historic Preservation District mostly along Delaware Ave in Buffalo, New York over the weekend. If you know me, after working in other markets over the last 22 years, this is one event I couldn't wait to attend again, now that I…
Beautiful Sunday For Allentown Art Festival [VIDEO]
Sunday was the better of the two weather days this weekend. Kids were celebrating proms, swimming, at baseball games and soccer tournaments and adults, if they weren't driving kids to some of those events made their way down to day 2 of the Allentown Art Festival.
Get Framed At The Allentown Art Festival [Video]
Want to get “framed’ this weekend? Look for the Joy-fm street team at the Allentown Arts Festival! We’ll be handing out Joy-fm goodies and taking your picture, suitable for framing on our web site at! All part of the 96 days of summer...