Amazon Will Now Deliver—To Your Car + Here’s How
This is sweet! Amazon is now able to start delivering to you IN YOUR CAR.
They teamed up with General Motors in order to provide the service to
-Amazon customer's biggest concern is their packages being stolen from their front porch...
Amazon Just Made a Healthy Purchase and How it Affects You
Amazon has made major headlines today with it's announcement of purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in cash.  This is a big deal for several reasons, but primarily, who has $13.7 billion in cash???  Can I get a loan bro?
Whole Foods is a grocery store that would compete loca…
Use Amazon Boxes for Goodwill Donations and they Ship Free
If you are like me (or almost everyone else), you have ordered many items from Amazon and have a collection of boxes.  Instead of recycling those boxes or having them sit in a pile in your basement, you can put them to good use.
The organization Give Back Box in conjunction with Amazon and the Goodw…
Man Rigs Alexa to Speak Out of Singing Fish
By now we have all seen those silly animatronic toys of a fish on a plaque singing once you push its button... If not see below lol.
But one man decided to take his singing fish and put it to better use! Using his Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa, he rigged the singing fish to configure with Alexa...
New Amazon Prime Instant Video Releases: June 2016
By now you should know better than to sleep on that Amazon Prime account and all the new titles added to their streaming service each month. June gives you a chance to catch up with Mr. Robot before the Season 2 premiere in July, along with movies like Apocalypse Now and Carrie, and newer releases l…

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