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American Idol- Round #4
American Idol auditions were in Baton Rouge last night and there were a LOT of good tryouts! Like Charlie Askew:
Then there was the bad:
Chris "Mushroom" Barthel-
and the rest of the "True BAD"
American Idol- Round 3
Oh Charlotte, not only was it explosive when it came to the judges but it was a plethera of badness. I'll start with the good first: Seretha Guinn
Then there was the not so good: Joel Nemoyer
and just for good measure, another bad one: Brad Harris
The judges had a little bit of a drama meltdown last ni…
American Idol- Round #2
Oh, so many bad performers last night, it was hard to pick just one so I picked 2! The best for me though was a guy who not only had a beautiful voice and an amazing story.
The Best- Lazaro Arbos
Another good one from NC: Kez Ban
The Worst: Angela Curry-
The Worst #2- Kevin Nabity
American Idol- Round #1
I love The Voice, but with such a interesting lineup of judges last night on Idol, I had to watch. Here are the contestants I thought were the best and worst.
‘American Idol’ Recap: I Love You, New York!
Welcome to the thousandth season of 'American Idol' everyone! Okay we kid, it's only the 12th season, but let's do some math: we're 25, show's been on 12 years = it started when we were just mere 13-year-olds arguing with our friends over who the hottest member of the B…
Steven Tyler Responds to Nicki Minaj’s Racist Accusations
Not a single, solitary episode of 'American Idol' Season 12 has aired yet and it's already rife with plenty of Nicki Minaj-generated controversy. Forget Mariah-gate. That's so last month.
Steven Tyler has already offered a response to Minaj's pointed accusations that he's a racist (due to comments he…
Carrie Underwood Blown Away By Tour Success
Carrie Underwood is on the road, bringing her Blown Away tour to more than 50 cities across North America by the end of 2012. But in spite of her superstar status, which includes performing to a sold-out crowd at London’s famed Albert Hall this past June, Carrie is still amazed by he…

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