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American Idol- Round #4
American Idol auditions were in Baton Rouge last night and there were a LOT of good tryouts! Like Charlie Askew:
Then there was the bad:
Chris "Mushroom" Barthel-
and the rest of the "True BAD"
American Idol- Round 3
Oh Charlotte, not only was it explosive when it came to the judges but it was a plethera of badness. I'll start with the good first: Seretha Guinn
Then there was the not so good: Joel Nemoyer
and just for good measure, another bad one: Brad Harris
The judges had a little bit of a drama meltdown last ni…
American Idol- Round #2
Oh, so many bad performers last night, it was hard to pick just one so I picked 2! The best for me though was a guy who not only had a beautiful voice and an amazing story.
The Best- Lazaro Arbos
Another good one from NC: Kez Ban
The Worst: Angela Curry-
The Worst #2- Kevin Nabity
American Idol- Round #1
I love The Voice, but with such a interesting lineup of judges last night on Idol, I had to watch. Here are the contestants I thought were the best and worst.
‘American Idol’ Recap: I Love You, New York!
Welcome to the thousandth season of 'American Idol' everyone! Okay we kid, it's only the 12th season, but let's do some math: we're 25, show's been on 12 years = it started when we were just mere 13-year-olds arguing with our friends over who the hottest member of the B…
Steven Tyler Responds to Nicki Minaj’s Racist Accusations
Not a single, solitary episode of 'American Idol' Season 12 has aired yet and it's already rife with plenty of Nicki Minaj-generated controversy. Forget Mariah-gate. That's so last month.
Steven Tyler has already offered a response to Minaj's pointed accusations that he's a racist (due to comments he…

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