Angry Birds

Chuck Norris:The Man, The Myth, The Bridge [VIDEOS]
Whether or not you're a fan of action movie/TV icon Chuck Norris, it's hard to ignore the mythology that's grown up around him. His image shows up when someone wants to show "toughness", his martial arts skills are still reputed to be among the best in the world , and an alleged one millio…
Coming Soon: Angry Birds – The Theme Park!
Do your kids drive you crazy playing Angry Birds all the time ? Is even the debut of Angry Birds:Space later this month not enough to calm the passions of your Birds fanatic?  Well, get ready to fly (by plane, not slingshot) to - Finland!
Angry Christmas Lights [VIDEO]
Angry Birds may be the most popular smartphone app in America these days, so why not Angry Christmas Lights? Some talented individual, probably with a bit too much time on his hands, set 25-thousand Christmas lights to the angry birds theme and videotaped the results. You will be amazed at how beaut…