animal rescue

Watch a Desperate Whale Get Assistance From a Boater [VIDEO]
I recently met Steve-O of Jackass fame and I was impressed about his animal rights passion. If you're like me and like a story of an animal being rescued, this one is for you. This Australian fisherman saw a whale in distress swim right up to his boat and it was clear that the animal was having…
Unique Animal Rescue [VIDEO]
Freeing an animal in distress gives you a great feeling. This couple came across SOMETHING and stopped to help.  Have you ever rescued and animal? I don't mean adopt it - that is great too.  Moreso, have you ever freed or rescued a wild animal other than letting a spider crawl onto a …
Brave Cat Rescue [VIDEO]
This is one of the many reasons firefighters get the praise they get.  I bet even a firefighter who isn't crazy about cats would do this... for a cat!! Hope she/he isn't allergic!?