NSFW: Woman Gets Swallowed By Python in Indonesia
This is a scary one and it's extremely rare, but the second in recent time in Indonesia.
An 8 meter long python swallowed a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia whole while she was gardening. The woman went missing on June 13 and after a couple of days they found just her clothes and the locals f…
Buffalo Minute: Monday 3-27-17 [AUDIO]
A group of residents, union leaders and elected officials in Lackawanna marched yesterday, demanding the NFTA restore service on two bus routes in the city. They claim the lack of bus service hurts their ability to shop, find jobs or seek medical care.

Owner and Dog Make Snow Angels Side by Side [VIDEO]
Anyone in the need of a quick fix happiness to brighten your day? This is bound to put smile on your face! Watch this adorable dog make snow angels with its owner!! Who said only people enjoy the winter??
Eventually when I am a "Dog Dad" I will train my pup to do the same! Doe…
Little Dog Found Nearly Frozen in Snowbank in Cheektowaga
This is SO SAD. Cheektowaga Police found a little Chihuahua frozen in a snowbank along the Kensington Expressway. According to WGRZ  police say this was a near death experience for the dog.
They found it her just in time because she was dehydrated, starving and had an eye injury! As .…
WATCH: Woman Attacked by Tiger at Safari [NSFW]
A very sad moment happened when a woman was dragged off by tiger seconds before another is mauled to death after getting out of car following a fight.
A middle-aged woman reportedly chased after a younger woman who left the car. Video footage captures her getting out of the vehicle in a safari park a…

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