9 Restaurants You Can Bring Your Dog To On The Patio! [LIST]
Ever want to just go get something to eat or have a beer, but you can't bring your pup? Heck, ever just want to bring them anyway? Here's some joints that don't mind if your best friend comes along with in Buffalo!
Where else can you bring your dog to on the patio
Woah! Alligator Found by Allegheny National Forest [VIDEO]
We have that bear walking around all over Western New York, but there was an alligator found not to far from WNY--and it doesn't really make any sense.
People in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania have found an alligator that has been chilling for the past few days in a sewage pond...
LOOK: World’s Ugliest Dog Was Crowned Yesterday!
Every year the national search is on for the world's ugliest dog and this year 9-year-old English bulldog was named the winner!
Zsa Zsa
2018 World's Ugliest Dog
The dogs all line up and walk a red carpet in front of a panel of judges and compete for the prize money...
NSFW: Woman Gets Swallowed By Python in Indonesia
This is a scary one and it's extremely rare, but the second in recent time in Indonesia.
An 8 meter long python swallowed a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia whole while she was gardening. The woman went missing on June 13 and after a couple of days they found just her clothes and the locals f…
Awww! Look At Momma Bear + Her Cubs Coming Out Of Their Den in WNY!
Awww! Take a look at what was caught on camera in Cattaraugus County caught a momma bear and her three cubs leaving their den by the DEC cameras!
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has tags on many bears to track their location, habits and make sure that they are healthy...

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