Anne Hathaway

Movies for this weekend!
All of these have been out in theaters for a week or so, but if you are like me it's been a busy week!  Here are the movies I'm most excited about:
Watch Anne Hathaway Channel Lil Wayne in ‘Conan’ Rap [VIDEO]
Anne Hathaway might never get to host the Oscars again, but she could very well have a future in gangster rap.
In an appearance on Tuesday night’s ‘Conan,’ the elegant actress spoke about the negative press she’s been getting surrounding her role as Catwoman in the upcoming ‘Batman’ movie. When Conan…
Anne Hathaway Busts A Move [VIDEO]
We beg our parent not to do it to us when we bring home that someone special. We all have moments where we hope the tape or picture never surface. Oh please.....never let footage of me singing in my high school play or my tennis picture surface. They were both sweet moments when I look back, but at …

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