How People are Preparing for the Mayan Apocalypse
So Friday, December 21 is maaaaaaaybe going to be the apocalypse because a really old calendar ran out of space. It's already tomorrow in Australia, and people are reporting that it's fine. Of course other people are pointing out that the ancient Mayans weren't really operating on Greenwich Mean Tim…
10 GIFs for the End of the World
We're staying calm. We really are. But what if despite all signs to the contrary, the world ends on Friday, December 21? Here's a guide to handling that particular little dilemma.
End Of The World UPDATE: Only Two Days Left!
Only two days left, until the end of the world!
What is next...."It's the END OF THE WORLD SALE...half off on anything left on the shelves...everything must go! No refunds...all sales final!"
We've all thought about the end of the world before, it has been written about cou…