applying makeup

Tony Tries: Lipsense Makeup [VIDEO]
We had another special Tony Tries this week, where Val comes up with ways to humiliate me.  This week she had me try out Lipsense makeup.  Not only did I have to wear the makeup, I had to put it on myself!
We were lucky enough to have Jill, our Lipsense distributor, stop by and supply…
Men Use $350 Worth Of Women’s Cosmetics
It's bad enough that we have to shell out more cash than men for various necessities (moisturizer, under-eye treatment, cosmetics, cute shoes, nice earrings, Spanx, hair product...shall I go on?), but now, we've gotta share???
It’s Time To Lighten Up
Women tend to wear a little less in the summer. Our toes make their debut and our faces seem to loose some of the makeup we wear in the colder months. Putting on too much makeup in the summer can lead to a meltdown, literally. Try more shear eye shadows and lip glosses this season.
How Do You Apply Makeup: It Can Make You Look Old
Have you ever heard the saying that too much makeup makes you look older. There's truth to that. Take a look at the proper way to apply  makeup.