Eric Jordan’s Favorite Top 10 Free Apps
For a majority of us smart phones are a big part of our daily lives. Therefore having the right apps on your phone are important. We all have our favorite apps that improve our lives.
Here is a list of my Top 10 Free Apps on my phone!
You Can Not Download This App If You Are a Sex Offender in New York
True story.
Over concerns that the wildly popular virtual reality game could help sexual predators lure young victims, state officials said on Monday, New York will bar registered sex offenders on parole from playing Pokemon Go.
Cuomo's office said in a statement that Governor Andrew Cuomo has directe…
The ‘One Buffalo’ App Is On Its Way!
This is still just the beginning of what Terry and Kim Pegula are going to do for the city of Buffalo. It's been refreshing, exciting and new, and the latest development that is coming is the ‘My One Buffalo’ app by Pegula Sports and Entertainment, and we are pre…
Three Free Apps To Make Trick-Or-Treating Safer
Are the kids trick-or-treating on their own this year?
Or, maybe you've got a whole gaggle of kids going together, and it's tough to keep an eye on all of them, all of the time!
Here's a few apps we found that can help you out, whether you're going with them or not, in case they get separated:

Win Stuff By Losing Weight With These Smartphone Apps!
Recently there was a study done on "social gaming", where you earn prizes for working out.
After 10 weeks, those who played the games exercised more often and lost more weight.
Here are 3 examples of "social gaming" apps, all free on iPhone or Android.
Five Apps Every Women Wishes Her Guy Had
When it comes to behavior in men there are some things that are universal. No matter who the guy is, we all do the same things that drive women crazy. And we're darn good at it!
So it got me thinking. In this day of smart phones. How handy would it be ladies if there were a bunch of apps you co…