Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Hospitalized
I understand actors trying to "get into their roles," but apparently Ashton Kutcher took it a little to seriously and unfortunately he was hospitalized.  Kutcher told USA Today, ""First of all, the fruitarian diet can lead to like severe issues...
“Hunk Week” With Ellen DeGeneres [VIDEO]
The Ellen DeGeneres Show is in summer mode but leave it to Ellen to turn what would normally be boring reruns into must see TV for the ladies.  This past week was "Hunk Week" on Ellen with a bare Ashton Kutcher, Mario Lopez in his tighty whiteys and so much more…
Ashton Kutcher Cuts His Hair, But Why?
Fans of "Two and a Half Men" may have noticed that Ashton Kutcher has cleaned up his appearance.
Is this because of the changes in Kutcher's personal life? Actually no says Kutcher, who trimmed his locks for his "Two and a Half Men" character, Walden Schmidt.…
Can A Broken Heart Kill?
A broken heart. We've all had one, at least once in our lives. You. Me. Even Ashton and/or Demi. You've probably even heard of people who are said to have "died of a broken heart". But can that really happen?
Is Ashton Calling It Quits For Twitter?
The king of Twitter is calling quits? Ashton is in my opinion the father of Twitter. Oprah can agree, hehelped bring her into the world of Twitter.  Ashton has said that he will be getting someone else to do his twittering for now on.
Has Ashton Kutcher Been Replaced By Other Younger Man?
Oh goodness, I guess the closet doors are beginning to open up on Ashton and Demi. The couple is still together amid allegations of an affair between Ashton and another young woman in San Diego. The girl has come out to talk of her romp with Ashton. This is the second time Ashton's infidelities…
Jenny McCarthy Turns Up Again On ‘Men’ [VIDEO]
This week, Jenny McCarthy did something Charlie Sheen can't do, she revisited 'Two and A Half Men' as her old character, Courtney. This time her target was love-lorn Walden, but as you may have figured out, she was only in it for the money. When Walden's soon-to-be ex offered her…

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