2017 Baby Names Are…Unique
Remember when there were tons of kids in your class with the same name?  Lots of "Sarah"s, "Joe"s, "Jessica"s, and "Mike"s.
If is right, 2021 is gonna have boatloads of "Zelda"s and "…
Buffalo’s Top Baby Names 2016
If you had a baby this year and chose either Olivia or Benjamin as a name, you're definitely not alone.
Catholic Health announced the most popular baby names for 2016 at three of its hospitals; the list includes: Olivia, Charlotte, Emma, Amelia and Ava for girls, for boys: Benjami…
This Video Had Me WEEPING With Laughter!
Sometimes, the silliest things kick off a giggle-fest.
This is one of them.
The :15 mark made me HOWL.
Please, if you have a baby at home, DO THIS. Send us the video. We'll make them a viral sensation*.  Buffalo Christmas babies unite...

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