Baby Boy Hates His Temporary Tattoo [VIDEO]
My son Matthew, who is almost 5, absolutely loves temporary tattoos.  He would cover himself with them if he could.  Most of the time it doesn't even matter what the tattoo is of, he just likes to have them.  I was surprised when I found this video of a cute little boy who who wa…
“Milk In My Sippy Cup” [VIDEO]
Max looks like any other little kid with one big exception.  He's become a YouTube sensation with a music video called "Milk in My Sippy Cup."  The catchy tune was uploaded to YouTube a week ago and has had more than 500-thousand views so far.  The song is sure …
Awesome Baby Is a Ping Pong Champ [VIDEO]
In this video, a baby sits on a ping-pong table and bats at balls with a killer forehand. If the remarkable accuracy he shows here is any indication, this kid is destined to be an Olympic table tennis star.

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