Tony P’s Top Father’s Day Gifts for 2017
Father's Day is Sunday, and for most of you that are prepared for it you can sit back and relax.  For the rest of us that like to live life at the last minute, I am providing a list of a few cool items to get Dad.
As with any holiday, no matter what you get Dad he is required to like it...
Bacon Wrapped Dorito Onion Ring — We Are In [VIDEO]
When a recipe starts with bacon, I'm pretty much on board.  You could wrap a stapler in bacon and I'd be down for it.
Add in Doritos and onion rings and that's a trifecta I'm interested in trying.
Plus they're baked, not they've gotta be healthy...
Bacon-Themed Dating App? [VIDEO]
Hi, I'm Dan Rinelli.  Like you I'm a very busy single business professional....I also like bacon.  FINALLY, the day has come where I can find like-minded singles with this bacon-themed dating app called "Sizzl" from Oscar Meyer.  Maybe I'll see you out…
Free Stuff On Halloween
Trick or Treating is one of the last times ya got somethin for free, just by saying a magic phrase.
Arby's is puttin a stop to THAT nonsense...but ya WILL have to say an even MORE magic phrase for free bacon.
Yep, that's right, Arby's is offering free bacon on whatever you order...

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