Buffalo’s Favorite ‘Dive Bars’
According to Wikipedia, "dive bar" is defined as:
...colloquial or informal American term for a disreputable bar or pub. Such bars may also be referred to as neighborhood bars, where local residents gather to drink and socialize.
I love 'em...
Top Bars in Upstate New York, Many from WNY! released a list of "Upstate NY's top-ranked bars in its 50 largest cities and towns" Many to make the list were bars right here in western New York.
Here are the bars around us that were on the list!
#50 Lancaster - Green Buffalo Pub
#44 Fredonia - Ellicottvi…
WNY Underage Drinking Sting
Bars and restaurants in western New York are preparing for a sting by the Liquor Authority.  During the next two months the New York State Liquor Authority will be sending in decoys to see if bars admit them in or serve them.
According to WGRZ the underage decoys will be using fake drivers…
Erie County to Vote on 2 AM Bar Closing Time Today
Should the bars in Erie County start shutting down at 2 AM instead of 4 AM? Erie Country officials expect the idea not to pass the vote that is scheduled for Thursday.
Some bar owners were supportive of the idea and others thought that it would hurt many businesses, especially downtown Buffalo...
The Best Dive Bars in Buffalo, NY — 2015
Sometimes dive bars are better than the fanciest bars we have ever stepped foot in. So, why do we like dive bars so much in Buffalo? The bartenders usually know us there, they're close to home usually, they're cheaper and lets face it -- you almost feel at home because you are there so muc…

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