LED Facials, Do They Really Work?
My poor daughter, Joelle. She took these pictures of me having an LED facial at Pur Life Medical Spa.
So, what is it, how does it work?  First, it's non-invasive (love that) skin care treatment that uses light therapy to stimulate collagen production, which then helps your skin look plumper…
Top 5 Gifts For Make Up Junkies
I spend more time at the make-up counter than I should. But you can reap the benefits of my extensive research. In addition to the specific products I'll list here, you really can't go wrong with gift cards to the two big beauty stores in town, Sephora and Ulta...
Today Is Beauticians Day. Who’s Your Favorite?
Today is Beautician's Day.  Here's to all the hairdressers, the manicurists, the people committed to making us a little more tolerable.    Say hi or thank you to your favorite.  I say hi and thank you to Michelle who cuts my hair every 5 weeks, wether I need it or not :)
Food Can Make You Beautiful
Is it possible that food can make you look better? Yes. According to research conducted at the university of St. Andrew in Britain it can.  Foods that are rich in cartenoids can help you look good. Cartenoid rich foods are loaded with vitamin A...
Taking Time Off Your Hands
I recently strolled down the Target Isle looking for my favorite sunscreen. It's sunny and I am all about skin protection, Even in the winter months. I as usual started "talking" to the woman next to me and she stated" I always use sunscreen on my face. I DON'T W…
Jennifer Lopez Is PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman
Jennifer Lopez may be having the best year ever.
The actress-turned-singer-turned-reality TV host, who can currently be seen as one of three judges on FOX's 'American Idol,' was named PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman, the magazine revealed today.
In the issue, on newsstands Friday, Lopez talks about diet…
Looking Your Holiday Best
Technically speaking, the days get shorter in winter, but with the hectic holidays quickly approaching, you have to make an extra effort to keep your look in tact from morning to midnight. First, after cleansing and moisturizing (if you don't moisturize, your skin will suck up any moisture from…
Makeup: Two Toned Eye Shadow
It's okay to use two very different shades of eye shadow as long as both are muted. A wash of sheer mauve highlighted her brow bones, while a silvery blue accented her lids. The effect is unexpectedly elegant

Courtesy of Instyle