Eric Jordan’s Birthday Surprise [VIDEO]
In honor of Eric Jordan's 25th birthday, 'Because I Said So' hosts Val Townsend and Tony P decided to give Eric a monumental gift to celebrate his first quarter century.  I mean who wouldn't want to get a car for their birthday??
Unfortunately for Eric we are in radio and our…
How-To Make Val’s Lego Cake
My foray into complicated birthday cakes started last year, when my son asked for a Minecraft cake for his 6th birthday. Not knowing really where to start, but never backing down from a challenge – I went to the one place every mom goes for crafty inspiration – Pinterest...
Michael Bolton Will Sing A Customized Birthday Song For You!
I can't think of anything better on your special day than a personalized message from....Michael Bolton?
Hey, everyone's gotta make a living!
Even if it means singing to a chicken.
He's teamed up with American Greetings to offer you a silly video e-card, which is actually pretty awesome.…
Worst Birthday Party Entertainers by Katy Perry [VIDEO]
Chalk it up to another reason I love Katy Perry...she's hysterical.
Her new video for her song "Birthday" comes out tomorrow (4.24.14), and she released a "trailer" for it, playing lots of different characters who are allegedly the "world's worst…

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