blizzard of 77

What A Difference 36 Years Make (VIDEO)
Today's (Jan 30, 2013) forecast:  Rainy, high 58
Jan 28, 1977 forecast:  Blinding snow, high 1
Do YOU remember the Blizzard of '77?
I had just turned 3, so while I don't remember ALL of it, I do remember suiting-up like Randy in A Christmas Story and making my first snow-angels…
Blizzard of 77 Began 34 Years Ago Today
On this day back in 1977. a wall of black clouds descended upon Western New York and heavy snow and winds as high as 75 mph crashed through the region in what would come to be known as The Blizzard of 77.
The storm raged for just over 25 hours resulting in 29 deaths...