Buffalo NY

Five Major Accomplishments of Mine Since Moving Back to Buffalo
If you know anything about me, Mark Richards, you know that I'm thrilled to be back in Western New York and once again living near Buffalo, New York. When living in Central New York I could only dream about what has happened to me over the past year. Here are my top five back home goals, accomp…
This Weekend Is a Hertel Holidays Weekend in Buffalo New York
In case you haven't been along Hertel Avenue in Buffalo lately, it's growing! From the remodeled Foundry Hotel and Banquet Center near Elmwood Avenue to Spot Coffee and all along the avenue, you'll find wonderful Christmas decorations, live music, visits from characters from the North…
The “Good Old Days”
Perhaps it's my age. Maybe because I am a history buff. I LOVE looking at old pictures...especially of our wonderful city or anywhere in Western New York.
Happy Birthday CHEERIOS!
The most popular cereal brand in the U.S. is Cheerios, and it turns 70 this year!
General Mills waterfront plant right here in Buffalo has been making Cheerios since 1941...you can still smell Cheerios in the air some mornings downtown.
You Know You’re From Buffalo When…
Yeah, you are probably from Buffalo if:
You Know You're From Buffalo When:
Bingo night is sacred.
Bowling night is sacred.
You use the word "the" before the number of an expressway: "the 290," "the 190".
You refer to "Ralph Wilson Stadiu…