Buffalo Sabres

Sabres Population Just Went Up, Even With Some Players Out
The Buffalo Sabres just made a big trade (in relative terms) with the Minnesota Wild and brought back a familiar face.  A former captain is back in the fold which means that the population of his town has gone up by 1.
Jason Pominville is a Sabre once again (at least for now), along with M…
‘Because I Said So’ Week in Review – 6/25/17
Okay can we all just slow down for 2 seconds...how is it June 25th already???  The year is half over!  Just had to get that off of my chest.  Now that we can both breathe again, why don't you take a moment and catch up on everything 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend…
Sabres Draft Highschool’s ‘Mr. Hockey’
The Sabres rebuild continued Friday night at the NHL Draft in Chicago.  They held the #8 pick (because the lottery Gods absolutely hate us), and decided to draft Casey Mittelstadt from Eden Prairie, MN.
Hockey drafts are very different than NFL drafts.  I...

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