Buffalo Winter Weather

How They Pick The Winter Storms Names
The Weather Channel just released the 2016-17 Winter Storm Names and it's an interesting list.  A very diverse group of names and it leads one to wonder, how do they pick them?
I imagine all of the weathermen get together and have a few cocktails and just start throwing names aro…
Western New York Ponds Experience ‘Winterkill’
We were here. We know it was a harsh Buffalo winter, but it appears the effects are a bit deeper than you might have imagined. The extended period of ice, blanketed by deep snow, is likely to result in fish die-offs in numerous area ponds, according to New York State Department of Environmental Cons…
Is Buffalo One of the COLDEST Cities in America?
We didn't need a list to tell us that Buffalo is COLD! But how does our city measure up to others around the country? Buffalo is the 58th coldest city in America, with an average low temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Niche.com