Stop The Hate Bully Essay Hits Home [VIDEO]
Bullying is an emotional subject in Western New York. Since Williamsville North Freshman Jamey Rodemeyer took his own life last year after enduring years of bullying, the word "bully" is not taken so lightly. That's why the following the story caught my eye.
The “Bully” Chat with Ellen [VIDEO]
The movie "Bully" is due out in select theatres next week (March 30th).  Ellen DeGeneres recently sat down with a couple featured in the movie who lost their son after the boy was bullied.  The interview is both eyeopening and heartbreaking.
Bullied Teen Crowned Homecoming Princess [VIDEO]
This is the story of Rachel, a freshman teen who's name was placed on the ballet for Freshman homecoming queen at Poway High School in California. The issue, it appered to be bullying. Rachel suffers from a form of autisim that makes it difficult for her to socialize

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