Man Lies & Tells Children Santa Isn’t Real; Arrested
Basically, the grinch was arrested this past weekend was right across the border in Canada. A 24-year old man was telling children at a Santa Claus parade in Ontario, Canada. Who knows if he was drinking or what but, to tell such lies so close to the jolliest time of the year just may land him on th…
Is a Pole-Dancing Class for Kids a Good Idea? [POLL]
Stripper poles have been helping the barely legal afford college for years, but now a Canadian dance school says it plans to start offering minors the opportunity to take pole-dancing classes as early as five years old, walking a controversial line between suitable and inappropriate.
10 Fun and Romantic Fall Getaways
We tend to associate the end of summer and the arrival of fall with going back to school or getting back to work, as the vacation season is over. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The northern hemisphere contains some pretty remarkable fall destinations, perfect for weekend adven…
Change in Plaza Rules at Peace Bridge
The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (Peace Bridge Authority) board of directors announced a new rule in "no idling" zones for the Canada and U.S. secondary Customs plaza areas and  Duty Free parking lots.
New Duty Free Limit Means More Money For Western New York
Starting this Friday, Canadian citizens who stay in the US for more than 24 hours will be able to bring $200 in merchandise back across the border, duty free. That's up from the current limit of just $50 in goods.
If they stay more than 48 hours, they can bring back $800 in  merchandise…

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