cat video

Cat Won’t Let Go Of Leash! [VIDEO]
I figured we could use a little distraction from the recent world events and not to mention, a Monday back at work!  Here's a cute video of a stubborn kitty that will not let go of his Canine friend's leash!  Video credit to Kyoot Animals via YouTube.
Snail With Cats! [VIDEO]
Here's my weekly viral cat vid.  Check it out, this snail is just chillin' with these two cats.  Adorable yet almost terrifying!  I almost thought the cat was gonna bite the thing's head off!  Video credit to かご猫 Blog via YouTube.
Cat On A Plane! [VIDEO]
WOW!  Two people were flying an open-cockpit glider in Kourou, French Guiana, when mid-flight they saw a cat inside the glider's wing, desperately clawing to stay aboard the aircraft.
Hug A Cat Day! [VIDEO]
Hey cat-owners!  As if you didn't do this everyday to your furry friends, today is International Hug-A-Cat Day.  Of course I have a cheesy cat vid to accompany this fantastic day.  Video Credit to 3milliondogs via YouTube.
Cat Gets Brain-freeze! [VIDEO]
Hi I'm Dan, I don't have cats but when my family goes out of town and I'm the only one in the area (in this case parents, grandma, and sis are all in sunny Florida and I'm watching a total of NINE combined cats) I get the honor of watching them.  Yay.  So I posted a cut…
Cat Afraid Of Flowers? [VIDEO]
Whoa!  Check out this cat goin' ballistic over flowers!  I kinda feel sorry for him.  I think he's more angry about the fact the owners have neglected their cleaning chores in quite some time.  Credit to Ekin Kollama via YouTube