It’s a Cat That Plays Fetch Like a Dog! [VIDEO]
I love my dog, but he doesn't know how to play fetch.  We have tried, but he just doesn't understand. My cousin Matt, on the other hand, recently adopted two stray cats -- Scout and Churchill. He found out that Churchill thinks she is a dog and plays fetch!
Is Your Pet Overweight?
Do you have an overweight pet? I do! My 7-year-old pug Bear (a.k.a. Fatts), unfortunately, is so overweight that he developed diabetes and gets two shots a day for the rest of his short doggy life. Sad, isn't it?
Watch These Cats Opening Doors
Anyone who's ever had a cat knows that cats can find their way into just about anything. So it's particularly amusing to watch them mastering the art of opening the door. It may be simple to us, but remember: we have thumbs.
See an Adorable Kitten’s Jedi Mind Trick
We suspect this video is supposed to be cute. It is not cute. It is terrifying. Cats are not to be trusted. Sometimes you can pet them. Sometimes they try to rip your flesh off with their angry, sharp claws. Why would you want to imagine a world in which they can control things with their minds…
10 Adorably Tiny Cats
We recently presented you with quite possibly the most adorable group of pictures, ever. They were miniature, furry nuggets of cuteness that would be extremely difficult to top in the miniature, furry nuggets of cuteness category-- tiny dogs. Could it get any better?! Answer: y-e-s. America, we&apos…

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